About Julie Slater and Son

Young Julie Slater

Since I was a very young girl I have always loved unusual accessories.
After completing my marketing studies I joined the family owned leather goods anufacturer,Frederick Wich and swiftly learnt the ropes under the guidance of owner Martin Murphy.

After a while I decided to take the plunge and set up my own corporate gift business. When we first started we supplied beautiful bespoke corporate giftsall designed in house and tailored to our customer’s special requirements. We also offer gift-wrap and provide printed ribbons. All clients have to do is give them away!

Soon my corporate clients were asking if they could buy individual gifts for themselves and for friends. After much persuasion, I expanded my business and let the public loose on my quirky range of leather designs. The range has also increased to include shoppers and overnight bags in our very popular Sandstripe design.

As the business grew something I truly began to enjoy was mentoring students. Team Slater has welcomed several work experience students over the years.They usually come for one week and stay for a couple of years. They simply won’t go away! More often than not these students become friends and continue to visit us.  3 are now teachers and I am very proud to know them.

Reacher officeWhen not travelling the world sourcing materials, fittings and leathers I can usually be found with my beloved dog. He was an exteremely nervous rescue labrador and together we have come a long way. He comes to the office most days, although I do think his attention is sometimes lacking especially if he spots a squirrel.

I hope you’ll enjoy shopping on my website and would appreciate your feedback – good or bad.

Frequently asked questions…

Is your son in the business?– Well no and yes. He is at University but can often be found packing our orders in the summer holidays. The business is alomst as old as him, so he has grown up surrounded by lovely leather goods, jiffy bags and brown tape!

Where do you get your ideas?– Innovation and inspiration come from a variety of sources. I am an avid purse and bag watcher, studiously studying which size purses and shoppers are being used. With the most of us carrying our own shopping bags I find myself in the queue at Sainsbury’s looking to see which shoppers people are using. Customers and friends make suggestions and often these ideas become fully-fledged items.

How do you introduce new colours? – Our customers are great and frequently tell us their favourites. Fashion and trends obviously play a large part too. Our choice of mens wallets has grown in recent years and we see this as a growing part of our business.